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Contracts and Legal

Everything you need to know about what you're signing, legal documents, and buying your house. 

- Jan 15th

- 8:00pm (eastern)

Standing out from Others

Are others getting in the way of your home buying opportunity? Learn what you need to know to stand out.  

- Fed 21th

- 5:00pm (eastern)

Great first Impressions

You've heard first impressions mean everything, so do you have what it takes?

- Mar 03rd

- 6:00am (eastern)



Scott Peckford

Scott Peckford is a Mortgage Broker, Author, Podcaster and founder of I Love Mortgage Brokering.

When he is not helping clients find the right perfect mortgage he enjoys running, reading and listening to podcasts.

He has 3 kids and has been married to amazingly patient and beautiful woman for 18 years.

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