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Why do you need a 90-day history of my down payment?

If you buy with less than 20% down you will require CMHC insurance. CMHC has very specific guidelines on what is an acceptable form of down payment and what documentation is required.

What documentation is required to provide proof of down payment?

A 90-day history of any account you want to use towards your down payment. 

What if I have money in multiple accounts?

If you have money in several accounts that you intend to use towards the down payment then you will need to provide a 90-day history of each account.

Jewels Ferris

Jewels has the rare ability to be very detail oriented and also really good with people. She loves helping people select the right mortgage and her attention to detail ensures she finds every trick possible to help save her clients money.

She loves Star Wars, her nephew and mortgages.

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Scott Peckford

Scott Peckford is a Mortgage Broker, Author and Podcaster. When he is not Brokering he loves to read, run and listen to podcasts for inspiration.

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